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a movement to support continued Democratic victories – through organizing, strategic giving and staying the course to provide the infrastructure President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris will need to govern effectively.  

Photo: Erin Schaff, NY Times
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Disregard for rule of law, violations of civil liberties, and lack of moral leadership over the last four years has eroded our democracy. Commit to eight years of progress. Much work lies ahead. #StaytheCourse.

Together, we've elected President Biden and Vice President Harris to the White House and retained the Democratic majority in the House but unfortunately lost some seats. We have not secured a Senate majority. #StaytheCourse

Governorships, majorities in state legislatures, House and Senate are essential to effectively legislate and appoint judges at the state and federal level. We must #StaytheCourse.


Our fight for racial, social, and economic justice starts here. It's time we see action 

on issues like climate change, inequality, healthcare, and gun safety. #StaytheCourse.




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Georgia Senate Runoff Elections are on January 5th! Request your absentee ballot TODAY!

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The Voting Crisis

Learn about the unprecedented assaults on voting rights we are seeing now and why it matters.

Voter Resources

Everything you need to know to vote and to make an impact. (To be updated for 2022)

Trump's Casualties

His presidency has been one failure after another. We've laid out the damage done.
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