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Our Mission

The mission of Commit2Eight is: 1) to engage donors in giving strategically to continue to build critical Democratic Party infrastructure to support Democratic candidates and institutions that protect our civil liberties, 2) highlight opportunities to connect with grassroots organizations and, 3) to provide voter resources. Over the next eight years, without ongoing investment, the risk of losing Democratic leadership in the White House, Congress, state legislatures and governorships is high. Supreme Court justices and other judicial appointments must be key considerations. We believe that each of us must commit and invest today in tomorrow, to achieve social, racial, economic, and environmental justice.


Raise annually for Frontline USA PAC to support key House and Senate races

Raise annually for state parties fighting against rampant voter suppression

Raise annually for the Democratic National Committee

Raise funds for special causes and grass roots organizations

Raise annually for organizations focused on voter protection

Raise annually for Gubernatorial, AG and SOS races


Prameela Bartholomeusz


(she, her)

Prameela has a twenty-five year background in corporate accounting, finance and business in high tech, biotech, and service industries.

Prameela is an activist, organizer and fundraiser for the Democratic Party​ at a local, state and national level. She is currently on the DNC National Finance Committee, has served on the 2008 DNC Platform Committee and as a Delegate to the 2016 and 2020 Democratic National Conventions. Prameela is currently on the EBoard of the California Democratic Party and serves on their Rules Committee. 

Being a passionate advocate for social justice began at a very young age for Prameela. She first became inspired when she learned about her grandfather's brave and selfless actions 75 years ago. He was a fierce advocate for freedom and justice, who marched with Gandhi and was jailed during the Gandhi non-violent movement. These historic actions by many ultimately led to India's independence from Britain and served as a model for the Civil Rights Movement led by Martin Luther King Jr., John Robert Lewis and C.T. Vivian.

Prameela is committed to providing a roadmap for investing strategically in Democratic Party infrastructure and candidates who will bring diversity in lived experiences and a broad skill base to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. 

Ethan Fireplace 2.jpg



(he, him)

An activist and political intern, Ethan first became involved in politics during the 2016 election. He has since volunteered and worked on several Democratic campaigns. And he is currently a lead intern at the Santa Clara County Democratic Party.


Inspired by his parents' immigrant story as refugees of the Vietnam War and the small business his grandma started in the Bay Area to achieve the American dream, Ethan is committed to the fight for justice in America and in advancing Democratic goals.

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