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We've only just begun! We lost key house races on 11/3/20 that we must protect as well as gain Senate seats during the midterms in 2022. 

The Democratic National Committee is committed to electing Democrats at every level — from the school board to the Oval Office. But we can only do that together. We can't pop up every two or four years and risk losing ground and sustain reversals of the gains we make.

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Your donation* will fuel the Biden for President campaign, the DNC and state parties. These are investments we must make for Democratic victories across the country. Maximum donation amount is $730,600. Donation form may be found here.

*The Biden Victory Fund does not accept contributions from corporations or their PACs,

unions, federal contractors, national banks, those registered as federal lobbyists or under

FARA, SEC-named executives of fossil fuel companies, or foreign nationals.

Biden Campaign

The first $5,600 will be allocated to Biden for President, with the first $2,800 designated for the primary and the next $2,800 for the general election.

State Parties

The next $150,000 will be split equally among the Democratic state parties from: AZ, CO, FL, GA, MI, MN, NC, NE, NH, NV, OH, PA, TX, VA, and WI. 


The next $50,000 will be allocated to the DNC. After allocation to state parties, any additional funds remaining will also be allocated to the DNC, subject to applicable contribution limits.

Additional State Parties

The next $110,000 will be split equally among the Democratic state parties from: AL, DE, KS, LA, MA, MD, MS, NJ, NY, VT, and WV.

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Frontline USA PAC

Adam Schiff's Frontline USA PAC raises funds for key Senate and House races. We need a majority in both houses of Congress to pass meaningful legislation and appoint qualified, unbiased judges to the Supreme Court.

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Onward Together

Grassroots organizations are the heart of the Democratic Party and are instrumental in volunteer recruitment. They serve as fuel for the Democratic Party which builds the infrastructure to support these grassroots organizations. 

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Fair Fight Action

With key provisions of the Voter Rights Act of 1965 eviscerated in 2013, all modes of voter suppression tactics are being used by Republicans. Fair Fight Action has been in the trenches fighting to protect the right to vote.

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California Democratic Party

CA has strength in leadership - Gov Newsom, Speaker Pelosi and Rep. Schiff are keeping democracy alive. Rusty Hicks, Chair of the CDP, is making strategic investments to retain the House majority and win the WH & key Senate seats in Nov.

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We invite you to become sponsors or hosts for events in support of the Democratic Party and our candidates. Please contact us and we'll be in touch.

Become a sponsor or host. 

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Thank You for your Support!



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