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I was elected to the Menlo Park City Council in 2018, and after serving on the council for a year, was chosen by my fellow City Council members to serve as the city's mayor for 2020. I am the first elected representative from my community in almost 40 years.


I founded the non-profit Belle Haven Action in 2017 after working as an educator for nearly three decades. I have spent over ten years on the Adhoc Advisory Board for the San Mateo County Housing Authority and am a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) volunteer. I have a BA in Mathematics from San Francisco State and a certificate in Early Childhood Education.


Some of my priorities include equitable development by using a lens of inclusive planning in land use and zoning policy, and affordable housing and transportation to address the traffic impacts and jobs/housing imbalance. I believe we must address the environmental injustices in largely underserved and under-resourced communities by advocating for frequent air quality measurements in areas such as those surrounded by highways and prioritizing existing residential necessities. There must also be a focus on financial transparency to ensure that we are investing to meet the needs of our communities. For example, we must invest in providing equal access to public services throughout and in every district.


We have many challenges ahead of us in the state of California. Small businesses which are the engine of our economy have been derailed and many have shut their doors permanently. Unemployment, poverty, and homelessness have increased and it is time to invest in policies that center around the working class and the vulnerable among us.


As an educator, council member, and former Mayor, I understand where investments must be made and attention placed to serve California’s vulnerable communities.


It will be a privilege to bring my commitment and experience to the California Democratic Party. I would be honored to earn your vote for delegate to the DSCC to represent AD24.

Quality Of Love, Quality Of Service

After you request your ballot, please consider letting us know you are supporting us by clicking here. We’ll send you a reminder to mail in your ballot so it is received by the CDP no later than January 27, 2021.


We will bring together our diverse backgrounds for meaningful representation of the district and deliver thoughtful solutions.

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