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I currently serve as a delegate to the California Democratic Party for Assembly District 24. I was also just re-elected to a second term on the Palo Alto Unified School District board. I have been active in Democratic politics all my life, and am currently a member of the Silicon Valley Democratic Club and DAWN. In the 2020 election cycle I was endorsed by the Santa Clara County Democratic Party, National Women’s Political Caucus of Silicon Valley, Silicon Valley Stonewall Democrats, Dean Democratic Club, Santa Clara County High School Democrats of America, DAWN, and more.


I’ve spent the last 25 years working in K-12 education, first as a public school teacher for 8 years, then as a math education specialist in schools, districts, and internationally. I’ve co-authored curricula and earned my PhD in mathematics education from Stanford University.


My top priority is addressing systemic inequity locally and nationally. As a school board member, my work has been focused on identifying structural inequities in our district and facing and dismantling those inequities in order to close the achievement gap and better serve all students. During my tenure the district has revamped procedures to address title IX and other violations of students of protected classes. As society at large comes to terms with similar issues of race, class, and gender, I am eager to support this vital work.


Other issues that I believe are central to the work of the Democratic Party include the climate crisis, the expansion of Medicare to all Americans, and the housing shortage, especially here in the Bay Area. While it is important the party advocate for these issues statewide and nationally, it is a moral imperative that we prioritize expanding the housing stock, specifically housing that is affordable to a wide range of earners throughout the region.


I would be honored to earn your vote.


After you request your ballot, please consider letting us know you are supporting us  by clicking hereWe’ll send you a reminder to mail in your ballot so it is received by the CDP no later than January 27, 2021.


We will bring together our diverse backgrounds for meaningful representation of the district and deliver thoughtful solutions.

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