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My name is Juan Mendez, I am from East Palo Alto and a product of our public education system. I am the son of hardworking immigrants and a first generation college graduate from UC Berkeley with a degree in Legal Studies and Public Policy. I studied law and policy as an undergrad in order to begin understanding the process of creating effective and meaningful policy. Like many people, my family has experienced the hardships of unemployment, skyrocketing rent, traffic congestion, and displacement.

I currently serve as a  Planning Commissioner for the city of East Palo Alto where I have dedicated my time to ensure that our residents are represented and heard when reviewing projects that will impact their livelihood. Oftentimes communities like East Palo Alto have been left out of the conversation and deserve a seat at the table. The pandemic has disproportionately impacted black and brown communities and have taught us that we need adequate representation to ensure we are not left behind.

It is crucial, now more than ever, that we set strategic policy in place to ensure the success of future generations to come. I would love to be given the opportunity to share the issues and struggles my generation currently faces. I am afraid that the decisions being made by current leadership will have a reverberating impact that will be difficult to come back from. We currently have the opportunity to ensure there is adequate representation in our decision making and begin thinking for a better tomorrow. 

It would be an honor to earn your vote to represent my city of East Palo Alto.

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After you request your ballot, please consider letting us know you are supporting us by clicking here.  We’ll send you a reminder to mail in your ballot so it is received by the CDP no later than January 27, 2021.


We will bring together our diverse backgrounds for meaningful representation of the district and deliver thoughtful solutions.

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